There are plenty of things I won't miss about home, but what about the things I will miss?

I know this is a travel website, heres a very brief look at what I do love about my home island.

The Cows

The big brown docile creatures dotted all around the island. Go for a walk down the road - cows. Play golf? Mind the cow. At the beach? There's probably one just accross the road. 

Plus of course they provide the best milk in the world.

This View

Every day on the way to work I'd come down the hill to be treated by this view. For twelve years I sat in an office and had this outside the window. Maddening at times because 90% of the time I just wanted to be out there, but ideal daydream material all the same.



Camping, drinking, great views, teddy bears jockeys tied to racing sheep, a great festival. What's not to love about the place?

Island Hopping

Jump on a boat and be in another island within the hour.

Our Spectacular Coastline

I've been a lot of places, and in all honesty Guernsey really does stack up in the beauty stakes. We may not have dense forests, or towering mountains but what boy do we have a coastline. 

Just a shame about the untreated sewage.

Guernsey Sport

Guernsey FC, the Murrati and the Siam Cup are always great specticles.


So much more civilised than the pub. 

Until it looks like someones winning

This little dude

These lovely people