I've been doing a bit of a clean up on my computer and I came across a couple of little video clips that I've never realised I'd taken. My travel camera (a Panasonic GF1) has a separate record button right next to the shutter release. Sometimes I just catch this and start recording a film, which confuses the hell out of me when I'm suddenly wondering why my shutter won't release. Most of the time I just end up with a shuddery mess, but occasionally I get the pleasant surprise of a memory that I'd forgotten. 

This is the Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco. A place I've described as one of the most overwhelming I've ever been to. This must have been taken pretty early in the day as the square is not overly crowded. But even then you get a sense of the madness from the cacophony of noise generated by everything from snake charmers to monkey handlers.


At night the Djemaa el Fna transforms itself into a giant set of open air kitchens. Arriving here I was on the verge of a panic attack, which looking back now seems a strange reaction as once it passed I sat down to a fantastic meal with great company, and took some of my favourite photographs.