Today, I did practically nothing and it was great. I didn't set an alarm, and so slept through until nearly 11. Then I read a little, played a game or two and did some sketching on my iPad. The sketching is still terrible, but I guess I've 9 months to improve it! :)

I then met some of the group for dinner in the evening as we tried another of the local restaurants. This time we tried Peking Duck, for which I have mixed feelings. A little disappointed because it turns out Peking Duck is just the same as shredded duck and pancakes back home. But also delighted because I adore shredded duck!

I still can't over how cheap,the food is here. We've eaten really well each night, and the cost has yet to rise over £3 per head.

After dinner we went for a walk around the surrounding streets. These were quite strange, seeming totally out of place to the rest of the city as though they were taken from a theme park. We found a small bazaar that seemed to sell everything, including pet grasshoppers. If they didn't make so much noise, it would have been cool to have a little traveling companion!

Tomorrow is our last day in Beijing. Most are heading to the Summer Palace. I've yet to decide if I will join them as it is another place I've already been. We need to check out of the hotel and be ready for our train in the afternoon, and so this means they are leaving early. I may instead get up a little later and go to the Lama Temple, which I have not seen and is close enough to make it a leisurely day.

The it is a 14 hour overnight journey to Shanghai, a city about which I know little other than how much development it has had in a short space of time.

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Taitou Alley, Beijing City, China

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