OK, so whilst this technically isn't the end, by all reasonable measures it is as the next few days are going to be spent either waiting in an airport or on a flight with a couple of sleep stops on the way.

I've liked Sri Lanka a lot. It's a great place and if you get the chance you should come here. 

Ordinarily I'd be reluctant to leave somewhere like this but man am I looking forward to getting home. The allure of my own home and the comforts it brings are currently irresistible and the closer I’ve been getting to that return date the stronger the pull has been.

You've got to go away to realise how lucky we are to have this view nearly every day.

So tomorrow I drive back to Colombo, before flying to New Delhi. I arrive in the evening, eat, sleep and then back at the airport for my flight to Hyderabad on Sunday where I repeat the trick and end up back at the airport on Monday for my flight to Dubai, wait 8 hours, fly to Birmingham where there is more waiting before crossing my fingers and hoping that this time Flybe deliver me onto the correct island on Tuesday evening. 

It’s going to be a long four days.