Sunrise from the front door.

Working the night shift really throws your mind. Is it morning, is it evening. What do you call the part of the work day after lunch? Actually what do you call the mid-work break - lunch, dinner, supper? 

There does not seem to be a consensus and it leads to some confusing conversations back at the hotel. 

The skies turn lighter as we wait for our taxi.

We head to work in pitch blackness, The streets are buzzing and crowded. There is barely space for the car to navigate. Close calls with pedestrians and scooters happen every minute. 

The drive back is different. The sky runs through a colour cycle before deciding on the default white/grey overcast and gets lighter with every minute. The streets are almost deserted and mainly populated by hordes of stray dogs. 

We're all slightly giddy in the car. A sure sign that this is still unusual to us. We talk fast and laugh a lot. The talk of people who have been up all night. Its surprisingly fun.

A security guard noticed Darren perching on the curb whilst waiting for our lift. He ran over and gave him his chair so he wouldn't dirty his clothes. 

People here are extraordinarily generous with their help and their time.