Horus at Hatshepsut Temple

Horus at Hatshepsut Temple

The internet connection here is very slow and unreliable, so I won't be uploading much more than a single photo a day. That one photo will take about 20 minutes to upload - if it completes at all, so updates will have to wait until I get back to a more stable connection.

Over the last couple of days I've been out to Luxor and Karnak Temples, Hatshepsut temple and the Valley of the Kings. Each place was fascinating in its own right.

The people have proved that you can't judge a place on the first person you meet as they've been universally great.

Weather-wise I'm going to admit I've been struggling. Although in fairness even my guide has been running for shelter whenever possible. It may only be springtime here, but it is an exceptionally hot spring.

Tomorrow we're heading out to Dendara and Abydos. A nice easy 6 hour minibus journey. Although our driver has said he knows a shortcut through the desert... So if you don't hear from me again - start bloody searching the desert!