A quick update on the site move.

The old content has now been moved over and is all available again.

However, one issue that I've encountered is that all the photos from all the posts have defaulted to slideshows.  This means if you go into any historical post that I've not yet had the chance to amend, it will just look like a single small image at the top of the page. Not exactly ideal for a site that is heavily dependent upon photography for content. If you click the image it will rotate through all the images in the post, but it is is not very user friendly at all and so will be changed to something a little more intuitive. 

I'll also be adding a few featured galleries containing some of my favourite images. There are placeholders there for the moment, but these will be replaced. 

As you may imagine updating four years worth of updates is a little time consuming but I'm just please to have everything moved at this point so I won't lost it all when my old host gets switched off next month.